Thursday, December 6, 2018

The trials of traveling - Planning sightseeing - Vancouver

We will be heading off to Canada on Boxing Day via Shanghai.  It should be interesting because I've never been to Shanghai, or Vancouver for that matter.

We won't get further than the international transit area of the airport so it will be either a long four hours or a very short four hours depending on what we find there.

I just had a read about the restaurants in Terminal 1, and it seems that the consensus is bad except for two or three and that the prices are very expensive.  So much for having some traditional Chinese food.

What does it say about a country if the most viable food is from Burger King?  I think reports like 'Worst Nightmare', and 'Almost Poor' tend to send a feeling of dread through you.

But onto Vancouver, if we survive the stopover...

Stanley Park, 400 hectares of rainforest, mountains, coastline and a seawall.  OK, a lot of walking involved, and this might be problematic.  Totem poles and the hollow tree might be interesting.

Robson Square, a public plaza where among other things is the Vancouver Art Gallery.  I've seen the Louvre, the London Art Gallery, and we're going to Moma in New York so this might be one too many this trip

Grouse Mountain, I have to say I love a Gondola ride, and we've been on a few around the world, and the best was in Switzerland.  This appears to give excellent views of Vancouver city, provided it's not snowing or low cloud, and,. no, I will not be doing the 2,830 step walk.

Vancouver Lookout, well, we're suckers for a lookout, especially from a tall building or tower, like New York, Seattle, Toronto, and Auckland, and even the odd Ferris wheel like the London Eye.  This one is on the 55th floor of the Harbour Centre Building and has 360-degree views.

And then there is the trusty Hop On Hop Off tour that every city has, and the one I'm looking at now has two routes, the city route, and the park route, with a collective 29 stops.  This is generally the best bay to see a city, and well worth looking into.

In winter there are no harbor tours, so we'll just be looking at the water from land.

It seems I have some homework to do.

Next time, I'll be looking for things to do in Toronto.

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