Wednesday, August 28, 2019

A trip to China - Day 9 - Of course, we have to get breakfast and leave the hotel

Day 9 - We are going to the Longjing Tea Plantation and West lake, but first...

The brochure says: Hangzhou is considered the tea capital of China, so a visit to the city just isn’t complete without a trip to a local tea house. Make a special visit to the Tea House at Meijiawu Tea Village located at the hinterland of West Lake Park which is considered one of the most important Longjing Tea productions in China. Enjoy the natural environment and beautiful village scenery while learning more about their special tea culture. At the Tea House, learn how to make the Longjing Tea including picking, frying and tasting the tea leaves. Then enjoy a small boat ride on the West Lake another UNESCO World Heritage Site, which reveals the ethereal beauty of Hangzhou's willow draped islands.

This morning starts off with a bang.

Yes, the question on everybody's lips, how do you fit 200 people into a room clearly designed to fit fifty comfortably?

The answer; pure mayhem, and a lot if people missing out on breakfast, or at the very least trying to eat in the awkwardest of positions, balancing on edges of chairs or just standing at the bar.
This is a zero out of ten for the tour company.

Seven plus tours all leaving at the same time and no possible way of fitting them in.  Good for the hotel if they charged you for breakfast, because at various times there was nothing to eat, and definitely no milk for coffee, of you could get coffee.

Still, it is what it is.


We all pile into the bus and have to wait for the other seven to move off.  In the end, we reverse into the traffic and get underway.  I'm not sure what the other buses were going to do.

But, getting under the way is not quite as it might appear to be.  8:00 in the morning means peak hour traffic, and here peak hour traffic takes on a whole new meaning.

Four or five lanes completely full and at a standstill, and the odd daredevil thinking he can change lanes.  Oh, my mistake it can be done.  It just takes a little longer.

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