Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Away for the holidays - Calgary to Toronto

All the worries we thought we might have in getting from Lake Louise to Calgary, in the end, it was just like driving to work, only a little longer.

When we left the Fairmont, the car had two frozen bottles of water and a frozen donut, left in the car for the two days we were there, so hiding in the garage might not be a good idea.

At the garage where we refueled, it was so cold I could barely clean the windows and glad to get back into the warmth inside the car.

Thankfully as we got closer to Calgary, it got warmer.

We bypass the city going to the airport, but, as it turns out, we would not have had much time to look around anyway.
It's nice to go to an airport and actually find the car rental returns first go with adequate signing to get there.

Returning the car took a few extra minutes because we were at the end of a dozen or so others who turned up at the same time.  All good, they remembered giving us a half full petrol tank.

At the check-in, it is very smooth sailing, the kiosk working and once the booking reference was entered, it spat out the desired number of boarding passes and baggage tags.

Then to baggage drop, through customs where I managed to lose my jacket, which is amazing that you would be allowed to leave anything behind.


We have an hour and a half to kill, so a long soda and two long island teas settle the pre-flight nerves if we had any to start with.

Time to consider the vagaries of the flight.

Today we're on an Airbus a320, and we are seated in the very last row, row 33.  It's always a bad thing to look up planes on seatguru.com, because it has painted them as the worst on the plane.

What's the downside, sometimes the seat pitch is less than further up the plane, the seats don't recline and you get the seat in front in your face, and you get the constant flushing of the toilets.  And my major bugbear there's no overhead luggage space.

What's the reality?

To begin with, the seats recline, but not very much.  We'll wait till the plane is cruising before judging how far the seats recline in front of us.

The seat pitch is good and it doesn't feel like were cramped into a small space, but again this is relative to what happens with the seat in front.

Overhead baggage space, none whatsoever, so if you don't get on first you are basically screwed.  We were almost first to the rear of the plane so I suspect others also know about the lack of overhead bin space.

Being at the read most part of the plane affords you a view of how the baggage handlers treat your baggage, and it's interesting, to say the least.  They smile a lot, so I suspect that a few bags might get the 'treatment'.

Enough already.

We're now backing out of the bay ready to leave.

We're getting endless announcements in foreign languages so when next I fly with Air Canada I should at least learn French.

Or not...

Ah, the smell of kerosene floods our end of the plane.  So much for air quality, which so it happens is being covered in the safety video at the exact same time.

But as it turned out, the flight was uneventful.

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