Sunday, January 27, 2019

Away for the holidays - Lake Louise, Canada - A winter wonderland

I was not sure what I was expecting to see when we first arrived at the Fairmont Hotel at Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada.

I'd seen endless photographs both in Winter and in Summer, and the problem with photos is that they never quite prepare you for reality.

That's not to say that our first impression was of incredible scenery, it was of the front door if it could be called that, where we pulled up in the car, and then, if the sub-zero temperatures, a mad rush to get the baggage out, and get into the warmth of the foyer,which was almost the size of several football fields, and then some.

Check in was quick and easy, and then to our room on the first floor.  I had hoped to be higher up but, being a corner room, when we got there, the views could not be more majestic.

The lake had frozen over, and a closer look showed there was a skating rink an ice castle, and a hockey rink as well.  People were skating, and walking over the frozen surface of the lake.

No skating, or walking, on thin ice here.

Venturing outside into the cold, you have to be rugged up, and definitely, have both a hat and gloves.  It was minus six degrees.

Tomorrow we will venture further out onto the lake.

Tonight, it's dinner in the main restaurant.

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