Thursday, February 21, 2019

Away for the holidays - Central Park, New York - Part 2

It's a place to go and spot the movie starts, or perhaps their dogs.

It's a place to go for long walks on idyllic spring or autumn days

It's a place to go to look at a zoo, though I didn't realize there was one until I made a wrong turn.

It's a place to go for a horse and carriage ride, although it does not last that long

It's a place to go to look at statues, fountains, architecture, and in winter, an ice skating rink

I'm sure there's a whole lot more there that I don't know about.

I have to say I've only visited in winter, and the first time there was snow, the second, none.

Both times it was cold, but this didn't seem to deter people.


From various points in the park, you could see the Manhattan skyline.  It was hard for me to tell what I was looking at, but I was always hoping to get a look at the Upper West Side, a place, I know, I could never afford to live.

Still, whatever part it was, it looked good in the afternoon sun,

There are also a lot of bridges to walk under, some with carve-outs and statues, others empty, perhaps once having a statue.

If only I had some idea where I was.  The trick is, you keep walking towards the buildings because they're on the edge, and then head in the right direction.

Ah, this seems to be the right direction, hopefully leading back to Columbus Circle.

Perhaps we should ask for directions.

I'll let you know how we fared in the next post.

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