Monday, February 25, 2019

Lake Louise, Canada - A winter wonderland - Part 1


Bloody freezing.

We arrived mid-afternoon in a heated car, taking the last 500 yards up the icy, snow-covered, entrance to the hotel very slowly.

Outside, it was cold, and it took a minute or so to pluck up the courage to get out.  Of course, the approach of the concierge staff, looking very much like they wanted to unload the car and get back inside, hastening our entrance to the hotel.

Believe me, I thought it was quite possible to freeze to death in that short distance between the car and the front door.  After all, it was somewhere around minus 10 degrees Fahrenheit.

The foyer was cavernous, and thronging with people.

It seems the freezing cold does not deter a great many people.

So, what was our first view of the lake and so-called wonderland, much preferably taken from the window of our room,

An ice skating rink, an ice hockey rink, and a frozen lake.  Not to mention the astonishing and breathtaking view of the sun on the snow capped mountains.

Nothing and I mean nothing, can prepare you for the magnificence of the view.

And this was just from our room!

Later, it appears some very brave individuals were about to go on a sleigh ride.

That is probably the epitome of what I believe is central to being in the middle of a winter wonderland,

But it was not only one group of brave souls, but there were also quite a few groups.

At least they were all suitably rugged up.

I have to say I felt sorry for the horses.

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