Friday, June 14, 2019

A trip to China - Day 4 - Before going to the Forbidden City, it's time for TCM

Day 4 - The Forbidden City

This morning I get up early and get a few photos of the hotel grounds before breakfast.  After all, it is advertised as being spread over 335,000 square metres of which 200,000 square metres are of gardens in the traditional Chinese style

Roads through the hotel grounds were wide enough for the bus to reach our building

Even to the point where there was a roundabout

Tongrentang – Traditional Chinese Medicine

Before we arrive at the Forbidden City we have an appointment with the doctors at the centre for traditional Chinese medicine, or T C M.

It's the same people who tended to the emperor way back, and scored some land to build a facility to bring that medicine to the people.

The prices they charge, there is no way 99 per cent of the population could afford it, only us gullible westerners.  Still, it looks might work so I joined the list of gullible people to give it a go.

What was the diagnosis?  Heart, liver, apparently the same as everyone else, but he did mention thyroid which is not a common problem, so it looks like there might be a grain of truth to it to his medical wisdom.

We shall see.

What worries me is that all the pillboxes look the same, and as the writing is in Chinese there's no way of telling if they are or not.

There was a chart on the wall that accompanied the introduction to Chinese Medicine given by a Professor, or a Doctor, I was not sure which, who told us how everything was linked in groups, as shown above, what ailments were related, and how treatments were formulated.

I was glad, in the end, my problems were only related to the Heart and the liver, mostly because of my type of arthritis.

So much for T C M

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