Friday, September 27, 2019

A trip to China - Day 10 - A day in Shanghai, sort of - Lunch, and Old Shanghai

The French Quarter and shake shack 

If you're expecting a whole range of French restaurants forget it.  It's simply a collection of restaurants selling various types of food, and little else.

There is a shopping mall, further away from where the restaurants supposedly are, but there's little interest in finding them.  The happy house is far more important.

We settle, back in the French Quarter, in a place called the shake shack, which I originally thought was the snake shack.  On closer inspection, and after being handed a menu, we discover it's a hamburger place.

Is it like McDonald's, no.  The burger meat is real and the whole hamburger is absolutely delicious.  So are the fries, which are smallish well-cooked crinkle cut chips.

I had ice tea, which was real ice tea, not the sugary concoction you find in bottles, and the lemonade was real as well.

Value for money?  The prices were a little steep but, in my opinion, yes.  I'd go back again if I knew how to get there.

Old Shanghai

I'm not sure I'd go as far as to say this is in reality old Shanghai, but a true representation of it architecturally, yes it is.  The houses, which are shops, are set out symmetrically, with owners, alleyways and squares which may prove that it was specially built for the tourists.


The buildings are magnificent, and a photographers delight, and you'd finish up having hundreds of photos by the time you leave.

As for buying stuff, remember if you're not Chinese you have the sucker tourist stamp on your forehead, so be prepared to walk away if the vendors will not bargain.  Nothing here is worth the price tag and in our group discounts like from 130 RMB to 50 RMB and from 1 for 1,200 to 2 for 950 RMB are common.

Here common t-shirts that we can get for 3 dollars back home start at 150 RMB which is roughly 35 dollars.  It's that kind of market.

We end up is a tea room, on the third floor of the meeting point below, and discover all the tour guides sitting around a table counting money.  It is we were told where they discussed 'strategy'.

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