Friday, September 28, 2018

Hong Kong, from the Peak: after a tram ride, astonishing views

There is no better viewing site in Hong Kong than at the top of the Peak, accessible by the Peak Tram.  Aside from the views from the top, just the ride in the tram is rather special too.


The day we decided to go up, there were quite a lot of visitors, and the queue was very long.  It was about a half hour wait, and the good thing about it, no one is allowed to push in ahead of you, everyone waits their turn.


Once inside the terminus, it's about an 8 to 10-minute wait, then a few minutes in the tram to the top.  On the way up you get to see various parts of the zoo and gardens.

Once at the top, the views are incredible.  This looks back towards Kowloon side and the docks.

20180610_121114 (1)

In the foreground in the photo below, I think the building is one of Hong Kong's tallest and has a viewing level.


This is another general view of the harbor and Kowloon.


And below, I think, is the old Governor's Residence


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