Monday, September 24, 2018

On a clear day you can see forever - which can be difficult when in London in any season

We have been to London both in Winter and in Summer, both times on a fine and clear day, early in the morning and going into the evening. Both times we decided to get on the London Eye.

Using the map and guide inside the cabin, you can pick out the various landmarks from being so far above the London skyline.

The first was #Buckingham #Palace, a large building almost lost in the haze.

Moving slightly, it was possible to see #Horseguards #Parade

In another, the Shard, one of the tallest buildings in Europe

Then the Treasury Building, and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office building

Looking out the other side, we could see Charing Cross Station

And as the ride comes to an end, on one side, the Houses of Parliament

And, lastly, the County Hall building

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