Friday, September 28, 2018

Hong Kong: from the Grand Harbour Hotel, Kowloon

We were not expecting either the grandeur of the suite we received nor the incredible view of Hong Kong and probably more fascinating, the harbor.

On one side was the passenger ship terminal, which played host to several cruise ships during our stay, but also incredible views of Hong Kong island, day and night.

Quite literally, we did not have to watch TV to be entertained.  There was endless activity right outside the window!


Looking towards the Passenger Liner terminal, and a smaller cruise ship at anchor.


A Chinese junk that crossed our path several times during our stay


The view outside our room window.  At sunup, it was amazing, at sundown, incredible.


We were not sure what this vessel was, though it looked like a car or vehicle ferry, but not once when we saw it did it have any vehicles aboard.


This, we were guessing, was not only a junk, but a passenger ferry of sorts, or perhaps it went on harbour cruises.


A ferry, obvious from the name on the side of the ship

And a smaller cruise ship returning


Housing on the foreshore of Hong Kong island, just across from our room during the day,

and at night.

Moving close to the business section of Hong Kong Island, with a dredge in the foreground.  They finished work the day we left.

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