Friday, September 28, 2018

Hong Kong, the Peninsula Hotel, and then High Tea

There is no doubt that the Peninsular Hotel in Hong Kong is one of the worlds most famous hotels, and luxurious.

It was on my bucket list, after spending a few days at Raffles, in Singapore, a hotel equally famous for its old world charm.

The Peninsular has been around since 1928 and thankfully had only changed for the better.

We took the signature Rolls Royce transfer from the airport, an experience everyone should try, and where your hotel stay begins.


We are staying in the old building, overlooking the Space Museum.  I'm sure, in 1928, there would have been a clear view of Hong Kong Island, still visible through the foreshore buildings.


The view from our room.  When we arrived it was at the end of a typhoon (level 3), which meant it was more rain than wind.  You can see the rain in the distance.


Old hotels lend themselves to explorers, like us, and we went down to the shopping mall in the basement, as well as on the ground floor, and through the Lobby Cafe, where as illustrated below, the ornate tiling and pillars, and decorated roof are impressive.


As well as staircases to the mezzanine floor, where there are shops and restaurants, including the signature breakfast room.


Also, a signature dish is the famed Afternoon Tea which people come from everywhere to have, even line up and wait.  As guests of the hotel, we were able to book a time and bypass the queue.


By the way, it was amazing, particularly the tea, special blends by the hotel which can also be bought at the hotel shop in the basement.

They also have special chocolates, and they are to die for.

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