Monday, October 1, 2018

The Perils of Travelling: The last plane out on Friday night

Everyone knows that if you are on the last flight out on a Friday night the chances of you getting away on time are remote.


We're on the last flight out.


There's no way in hell we're leaving on time.

But, here's the thing.

Our incoming plane arrives 6 minutes late, so there's every hope of getting away on time.

We are, of course, delusional.

Planes can't fly without a crew, and part of our crew on another incoming plane, which is, yep,

In fact, the whole arrivals board is lit up with the word "delayed" for every flight but our incoming plane and one other from Sydney.

And, no, our missing crew members are not on either.

So, it becomes a waiting game and placating messages from the gate crew first to tell us we're waiting for crew and two more times to tell us we will be boarding soon.

The look on some faces says they've been through all this before.

Then, one of the gate staff, communicator in hand goes out to see if the errant crew members are coming. She waits a few minutes but it probably takes longer than that for them to finalize their duties on the incoming plane and get to our gate.

She returns to the gate counter just as an electric car comes towards us from one of the satellites.

Crew found.

Boarding starts.

We leave 35 minutes late. About the average time all the delayed planes were, well, delayed.

Ah, the joys of travelling on a Friday night

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