Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Coffs Harbour, New South Wales, Australia, and resorts Wyndham style

We have stayed in two different types of accommodation in Coffs Harbour, New South Wales, Australia, as a timeshare owner who can trade their week for a week anywhere in the world.

Both are resorts, but different sorts of resorts.  The first was a typical RCI resort, where everything is laid back and relaxing, with all the amenities one can expect from a resort.

The other, this one, the Wyndham in Coffs Harbour, is very different, and you notice it when you walk in the front door.  You are virtually assaulted by hard-nosed timeshare sales staff who really don't take no for an answer, and then when you finally escape, ring you every day to make an appointment.

I left the phone off the hook.

Aside from that, the place is excellent, the accommodation very good, and the situation one of the best with what could be called a private beach.  There are also a number of bushwalks that cater to old people like me.

As you can see, lakes and greenery, and even a putting green.


And in places, they try very hard to hide the ugly multi-story buildings in amongst the trees


It is only a short walk to the 'private beach' and it is sufficiently long enough for a morning walk before breakfast.  You could even try to catch some fish for breakfast, though I'm not sure if anyone actually caught anything


Or you can just stare out to sea


And, back in the room, this is the view we had from our verandah

20161030_134910 - Copy

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