Monday, October 15, 2018

Taurangi, it's an interesting town

Located at the bottom of Lake Taupo, staying here would make more sense if you were here for the fishing, and, well, the skiing or the hiking, or just a relaxing half hour in the thermal pools.

I saw a sign somewhere that said that Taurangi was New Zealand's premier fishing spot.  I might have got the wrong, but it seems to me they're right.  On the other side of town, heading towards Taupo, there's a lodge that puts up fly fishermen, and where you can see a number of them in an adjacent river trying their luck.

It's what I would be doing if I had the patience.

But Taurangi is a rather central place to stay, located at the southernmost point of the lake.  From there it is not far from the snowfields of Whakapapa and Turoa.  Equally, at different times of the year, those ski fields become walking or hiking tracks, and the opportunity to look into a dormant volcano, Ruapehu.

It is basically surrounded by hills and mountains on three sides and a lake on the other.  Most mornings, and certainly everyone is different, there is a remarkable sunrise, particularly from where we were staying on the lake, where it could be cloudy, clear, or just cold and refreshing, with a kaleidoscope of colors from the rising sun.

I don't think I've been there to see two days the same.

However, Taurangi, on most days we've visited, is even more desolate than Taupo, both on the main street and the central mall.  The same couldn't be said for the precinct where New World, the local supermarket, a Z petrol station can be found.  There it is somewhat more lively.  The fact there's a few more shops and a restaurant might help traffic flow.

There is also a mini golf course, and in the middle of winter, it is a bleak place to be, especially in the threatening rain, and the wind.  It had also seen better days and in parts, in need of a spruce up, but it's winter, and there are no crowds, so I guess it will wait till the Spring.

In the mall, there's the expected bank, newsagent, gift shop and post office combined, and a number of other gift shops/galleries.  But the best place is the cafe which I've never seen empty and has an extended range of pies pastries and cakes, along with the fast food staples of chips and chicken.
Oh, and you can also get a decent cup of coffee there.

There are two other coffee shops but we found this one the first time we came, we were given a warm welcome and assistance, and have never thought to go anywhere else, despite two known change of owners.

But despite all these reasons why someone might want to stay there, we don't.

We have a timeshare, and there's a timeshare in Pukaki called Oreti Villiage.  That's where we stay.

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